Founded in 2011, Endosolutions offers to the healthcare segment products with cutting edge technology and innovators. Distributing and representing national and international manufacturers recognized for the excellence of their products. We prioritize products that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of medical services, patient care and monitoring.




Our employees are trained to provide a complete service cycle, starting with pre-sale or rental, delivery tracking, user training and regular post-sale contacts. Always looking for updates, following the trends and advances in technologies applied to health equipment, we maintain a permanent area for researching new products and services.



n today's times the use of smart devices and IoT (Internet of Things): devices connected to IoT are providing medical device manufacturers with a wide range of new data sets with applications. Patients pay more attention to their health, the provision of reliable, fast and efficient data and information make up the differentials of the services provided by health professionals and organizations. The findings show a superior consumer experience in an increasingly patient-oriented industry.



Promote the access of professionals in the Health Area to medical and hospital products differentiated by their quality, with excellence in service.



To be recognized for its excellence in the distribution of national and imported medical-hospital products.



Ethics and transparency
Valorization of human resources
Proactivity, creativity and innovation
Comprehensive and individualized service
Social and Environmental Responsibility
Economic and Financial Sustainability